Thursday, October 7, 2010


Of all the Arabic restaurant I've tried so far, I have to say this place is one of the best. Didnt manage to take a photo of their entrance so I have to borrow from hehe. Was too excited to try it coz the wan and only told me that this place serves one of "the best" mendy rice ever, so thats why I didnt manage to take a photo of their shop!

The design of the restaurant is very posh. It is located up stairs and there is an usherer at the ground floor to guide you up. When I first went in, I was like wow... pure Arabic glamour! nicely decorated place!

The table itself is decorated very nicely. I am already impressed and to add along with my excitement, I was already being very impatient! ahha

So, they first pass us the menu to order and both The Wan and Only and I started flipping through like a kid. While we flipping through the menu the waiter serve us authentic arabic tea. Its aromatic tea added with spice. Very interesting! So we proceed to order our meals.

I ordered the mix vegetable soup. It was ok, nothing special here. But my tongue is already dying to try the mendy rice.

Then we ordered the triple platter appetiser. It consists of Hummus, Baba Ganoush and one more paste I cant remember. I have to say that I always hear about Baba Ganoush and this was the first time I tried this. It is really tasty, you dip it with their freshly baked bread which is so nice especially when you dip wit hummus or baba ganoush! I was already a happy man! I kinda took quite alot of bread as it is kinda addictive! No wonder Zohan's dad was dipping everything into the hummus!

Then came our main dish. I ordered the Mendy Lamb Rice. It is exactly like The Wan and Only described, the rice is so fluffy and aromatic! I tell you its so fluffy i can die!!!! the lamb is very very tender and the aroma is soooo soooo good! I finish my rice in a split second! Its alot but its just so addictive! You just dont want to stop!

The Wan ordered the Mendy Chicken rice. I tried curi the chicken from Wan and it is also cooked till its so tender! Just so easy to the jaw! By this time I was already reaching food orgasm! hahahahaha. Its really good!

Finally my dessert. This is nice sweet and creamy. Its like eating soggy cornflakes with sweetened milk. Interesting dessert!

I have to say it was a wholesome and fantastic meal! I actually went there again a few times after that with Little Miss Sumandak!

Price wise, its slightly pricier compared to some other arabic restaurant. The total for one person was around RM50. But trust me, its well worth it.

But location is abit hard to find if you are not familiar with Sri Petaling area. Parking is hard to find if you go during the day. But during the night its slightly better.

Service: 7/10 (service is ok not too friendly but attentive if restaurant is not packed)
Food Quality: 9/10 (i said what i have to say above)
Environment/ambience: 8/10 (comfortable and cooling as its quite airy with fans and aircond)
Price: 7/10 (kinda pricey compared to other Arabic Restaurant)

My verdict: Its a definite must try! Reading how fluffy it is wont justify how it feels in your mouth! Go GO GO!!!

43 & 45 Jalan Radin Anum
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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