Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June. My Birthday month with a humble celebration

Decided to have a dinner at TGIF, The Curve on weekday. It's actually on my birthday eve. No big splurge this year and going for a simple humble one, only with dearest & nearest. We were welcomed with warmth by the waitress and quite happy with the service too. As usual service with detailed attention and still not too pretentious.

The meal is started off with the Clam Chowder soup. It's always my favorite soup whenever I came here for dinner. It's creamy and still have the great taste with the spices too. Very appetizing and you can't stop eating. I always wants for more.

JS ordered this for his main course meal. Darn! Forgot about the name of the dish. Let me see, there is rice and kebab. A little touch of vegetables and lots of tomatoes too. I would say this is a great choice for a light meal for dinner.

I myself enjoying my Cajun Spicy Shrimp pasta and I requested for Fettuccine for the pasta choice this time. Not too rich on the creamy sauce and the prawns are very fresh. Worth trying if you are a pasta lover.

Not to forget the Triple Play for the side dishes. I really struggled a little bit to finish this. It's very tasty and addictive, but again it's kinda big portion for a starter meal.

Of course, the Vodka + Cranberry drink. It's so much a light refreshing drinks and yet not to overwhelming as you will go home sober tonight. No roadblock will stop you from going home because your alcohol still at optimum.

I also busy Twittering and Facebook-ing at the same time too. Checking my emails as well to keep up to date with the changes. But again, not taking too much of the dinner time as it's my birthday celebration anyway.

While waiting to finish my drinks, I just still typing my BB for latest updates on the internet. So called, BB addict!

Lastly, a quick blow to the candles and supper with closet friends to end my night. My humble birthday celebration. Nothing fancy this year. Just a celebration with serenity without meaningless splurging.

Till next time, folks.

TGIF, The Curve

Food : 8/10
Ambiance : 7/10
Service : 8/10

Kashmir Cafe Food Adventure with PDSM 16 Gang

That was Saturday evening. It was after 3 hours exam and non-stop writing plus brain torture for me. Just hope that the Mr. B could be a good grade on this. Seriously, he is one hell of a bloodsucker as*hole bast*rd that manipulated his students for his own benefit. One more module, folks and I will never see his bloody face anymore!

Enough bitching about the not-so Inglorious bast-ass, my hand is numb after trapped in an air-con room with non-stop writing for 3 hours. Managed to drag all the gang to go to the same place I go every time my head is exploding, i.e. Kashmir Cafe, where food is the best remedy to your misery.

Kenneth wore this to exam that afternoon and I think it's hilarious. So which are you, babe? I gave JS the jelingan maut to make sure he answered it right. Or else, somebody gonna get a very bad day. Wuhahahah!

Of course, the first thing I must order is the Mango Lassi. I drank 2 glasses when I first came here for the food review with the other bloggers. I poisoned others too to order the same thing. Guess what, I might just organized a drinking competition with Mag to see who get brain-freeze first and could survive till to the last sip.

Let the race begins...

Before we started our dinner, we ordered these as starter. It was quite weird to order dessert as starter. We don't care because we wanna taste the great sweetness from the kuih Wajik.

When the leaf arrived and served with the necessary dishes for the banana leaf rice, we all started to dine the exquisite food in front of us. That means less talk and more eating. Silence was the only thing that time. Guess everybody is hungry and focus on the food instead.

JS in a total shock of silence? The food and the curry too good?

The closer view of the side dishes that could raise your appetite. If you do not wish to have heavy taste with the curry, you can always replace the curry with these and pour it on the rice instead.

Papadom, this is the ultimate dish that can't be miss in any banana leaf meal.

We also ordered something else as side dishes.

This is known to be the K.F.C. It's not the normal term that you get from the Colonel Sandler. It's known as the Kashmir Fried Chicken. It's a MUST try every time when you come here for a meal. It's tender and it has the crunchy feeling every time you munch on it.

Not to forget the mutton curry. The flavour from the spices make it's very addictive and you just can't stop eating it. Try it! At your own risk, of course.

Till next time, folks.
May I present you, PDSM 16 gang. That's our mirror-reflected group taking photo.

Food :8/10
Ambiance : 8/10
Service : 8/10

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food Review @ Friendscino, Damansara Perdana

Chicken Sausage Salad with Chorizo Sausage, RM17

This dish is also an option for you if you wish to have light dinner for the night. The sausages covered with the dressing and it made it a refreshing taste for you to munch on. I am kinda like this one and it's light and with little meat in between it completes the nutrients that you need from a meal.

Verdict: 7/10

New Zealand Lamb Chop, RM27.00

The reason I took 2 snapshots is that I love this one compared to the others. This dish is my STAR for the night. Don't forget to try this one whenever you come to Friendscino Cafe, yea?! Make sure it served hot and you will enjoy it. The texture is smooth and not that dry. I thought lamb meat will gonna be a nightmare for me as if the meat is not properly prepared, it smelled! Thanked God, it's not.

Verdict: 8/10

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon (Add on), RM17.00

The texture of the smoked salmon is quite smooth and it's not that salty. The dressing is a bit too much then but the fresh salad made the dish much more edible.

It's a perfect start before any main course to be served. It's quite addictive when you started to munch it. It seems that you can stop eating it. Thanks to the taste of the salmon that perks up the salad taste.

Verdict: 6/10

Beef Bolognaise Tortellini, RM16

A bit pricey for a dish like this. But again, I think this is the first time I ever tasted such dish. I'm pretty sure others also share the same thought as mine. When the dish first came, we were like, huh? Oh well, just try it. Turned out to be it's not a bad idea after all. Overall, it's fine. But it could be better if the dish is served hot.

Verdict: 6/10

New Zealand Lamb Shank, RM27

Lamb is marinated well with the spices as I could taste it. However, the texture was a bit to dry and it still have room for improvement. Not much to say about this dish as the first few bites explained the dryness of the meat texture is the major turn off to me.

Verdict: 4/10

Spaghetti Beef Bacon Carbonara, RM16.00

The white cream is not that heavy and you don't have to worry if you might feel that you are going to explode after you finished it. The beef bacon are well prepared and the taste is not that dry at all. Not bad for a carbonara pasta for me.

Verdict: 8/10

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with seafood pesto, RM16

I thought when I saw the greenish pasta dominating the dish, I thought I'm ordering a seaweed noodles or something. But again it's not so horrible than I think it might be. Seafood ingredients are a bit overcooked. The noodles taste is still well marinated with the spices and it managed to impressed me with the taste. At least I don't have to add on salt or pepper to enjoy the optimum taste of the food.

Verdict: 5/10

Apple and Mango Salad, RM7

If you do not wish to have a heavy meal for dinner, perhaps a light and refreshing choice like this might suits your liking. Perfect to dine with a glass of cocktail of your choice and chat over the night with your date or friends. The texture is smooth and mango taste is really the factor that gives you the tingling taste in your tongue.

Verdict: 7/10

That's all for me, folks.

Do feel free to check out other FR from other bloggers too.

Location: LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald North Jalan PJU8/3A,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel No: +603 77 1000 35



Overall Verdict:
Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Ambiance : 7/10

p/s: This is based on personal opinions. If you have any inquiries on the food or the restaurant, please do not hesitate to contact to the owner for any feedback.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food Review with Advertlets @ Friendscino, Damansara Perdana

It's a great way to end my Friday weekday workday with an activity that lighten up my life. As I always mention, my life only started after work. Indeed I met new people each week and it's a refreshing experience for me. Bloggers and Twitter peeps gathered together to form a community that created a positive vibe in my life. Life balance I would say, it's very important to keep you going. Otherwise, I will stuck in a rut and burnout in no time.

Thank you Advertlets for the invitation. It's an fun experience to get to know new place and new people. The environment I would say is very suitable for you to chill out with your friends with couple of drinks and light meal. Seriously, the quality of the food, so far OK . Few of them didn't managed to impress most of us as it's quite disappointing. But I have to give 2 thumbs up for the cocktails. They are superb for customers to chill down with a nice drinks while enjoying the ambiance. But, food wise they need to bulk up, FAST! Otherwise, customers might be looking for other alternatives.

The drink of the day: Mojito. It's light and refreshing. However there is still room for improvement, especially on the intensity of the taste. Perhaps it's time to lessen the water and be generous with the alcohol, I would say.

I love this rack of bottled alcohol. How I wish I could bring this home with me! You can find tons of choices to choose from. Nevertheless, price wise it's quite standard and few of them are quite pricey compared to places I went for drinks like these.

The deco is quite unique and interesting too. Luckily I wore red top to match the background I took here. Marilyn Monroe, it's the chosen icon that filled up the wall behind me that attracted lots of attention, especially me.

But again, the whole ambiance is positive. Food quality need to bulk up as there is still room for improvement. Service is satisfactory as the waiters are very attentive too. The arrangement of the cutlery and glasses normal but the color matching the wall. It made the whole outlook very classy & relaxing too.

Till next time,folks!