Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sun Raj Curry House

Lets start off from the place nearest to my house! Well lets say its a reliable indian/mamak food! everytime when i need a good dose of mamak/indian food and lazy to walk far all i know is I have to go to the cornershop near my home. The food is always fresh and hot. Unlike some mamak/indian food where when you wanna have dinner their dishes is already cold due as they are cooked in the afternoon...

ok so lets go to the main part! the foooood!!!

As standard mamak/indian restaurant/ curry house they have... nasi lauk. Have to say they have quite a nice variety of dishes for you to pick from, especially during lunch time. Everything is freshly cooked and the aroma of the curry... mmmmm... What I can say is their "devil's" chicken is fantastic, going along with their vegetarian/fake chicken rendang. fantastic! covering it with hot and fresh fish curry and crunchy parpadams and fresh rassum to wash down everything!

If you are not for the heavy meals then you should go for their rava thosai. Nice texture and crunchy enough! going well with the coconut chutney and warm dhal.

Drinks? get a nice cup of teh tarik/ais as it is not watered down like most mamaks and you can actually taste the taste of TEA instead of milk and sugar!

A good place to eat also as it is located in a housing area. Parking could be a slight problem...

Service: 7/10 (workers needs training on language... otherwise good and attentive)
Food Quality: 7/10
Environment/ambience: 7/10 (clean and tidy... but typical mamak style)
Price: 9/10

My verdict: hungry? need a place to have a nice decent fresh indian/mamak food with a decent price? Sun Raj is the place.

Sun Raj Curry House
352, Jalan 5/57,
Taman Petaling,
46000 PJ

Hey ho!

This is the first posting for this new blog. First let me welcome everyone to this site! Well generally we are just a bunch of people from different part of the country with different view BUT we all have something in common! hunger for goood foooooood!

This is not going to be like any other food blog where people tells u where is good to eat! but what we plan to do is to tell you where you should eat and where you shouldn't!

We are going to give our ratings right at the bottom of the postings! but hey... like I said... its just our taste buds, so if you think its nice... feel free to tell us! we are open to try!

Please note that some food that we eat might not be exactly 'halal' so kindly becareful!