Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been eating at this place for god know how long ago. And this place is famous for their prawn mee! This is non other that Kam Heong Coffee show prawn mee. Just ask anyone from PJ south area and ask them about PJ state prawn mee and they will say yea they know.

I got a friend, Joe, he said when he was young, their family will go to this place almost every weekend! why? coz the Prawn Mee is just too gooooood. Till that day I went there and there he was! eating with his wife! Its that good!

So how to order? just order la! HAR MIEN - BIHUN MEE OR BIHUN is ok! Everyone knows that the most important ingredient in Prawn mee or as in the northern states call it Hokkien Mee is their soup. This soup is really really good. I always finish the soup and lick the bowl clean!

In this bowl you get sliced pork, one whole hard boiled eggs sliced, "kangkung" and bean sprouts. Along with the soup and noodle... its one bowl you will never forget! This is where you go "OH LALA MAMA MIA, PERFECTO!!"

The portion is quite generous too! For RM 4.50 per bowl its worth every penny. Unlike some other place where its only like half the portion of this!

Besides the prawn mee, one more fantastic dish is the Ngau Lam Mee (Beef soup noodle) at the Wan Tan Mee stall. This one is also another dish that is not to be missed. The beef is tender and the aroma is fantastic. Can taste that the beef is boiled for a long time along with ginger and clove and other spices. To take it alone is fantastic but to take it with wan tan noodle is also great! Price is RM 5.50 with noodles and RM 5 without noodles.

Too much cholesterol for the taking? then wash it down with this Ambarella, or Ambula or buah Kedondong juice or in cantonese "Sar Lei Shin Mui". Refreshingly nice sweet sour and salty juice. yum!
Besides all this there are lots more other food such as pork noodle, porridge, pan mee, chicken rice and at night the famous famous kam hiong duck rice which is also a must try. (sorry no pics here ... yet)

The ambiance is not bad, very packed during weekend mornings and afternoon and during the weekdays dinner is quite pack but the noodles is only during the day and it closes around 230pm.
Its done in a way that its not warm or stuffy. So its quite comfortable.

Service: 9/10 (fast attentive service, but slightly slow if too pack)
Food Quality: 9/10 (almost all the stalls there serves good food)
Environment/ambience: 8/10 (comfortable and cooling as its quite airy with fans and shades)
Price: 8/10 (reasonable for KL standard)

My verdict: Its a definite must try! one of the best in Klang Valley

Its next to UOB bank. opposite the pencil shaped MPPJ Building.

Jalan Tengah Pj New Town Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Of all the Arabic restaurant I've tried so far, I have to say this place is one of the best. Didnt manage to take a photo of their entrance so I have to borrow from hehe. Was too excited to try it coz the wan and only told me that this place serves one of "the best" mendy rice ever, so thats why I didnt manage to take a photo of their shop!

The design of the restaurant is very posh. It is located up stairs and there is an usherer at the ground floor to guide you up. When I first went in, I was like wow... pure Arabic glamour! nicely decorated place!

The table itself is decorated very nicely. I am already impressed and to add along with my excitement, I was already being very impatient! ahha

So, they first pass us the menu to order and both The Wan and Only and I started flipping through like a kid. While we flipping through the menu the waiter serve us authentic arabic tea. Its aromatic tea added with spice. Very interesting! So we proceed to order our meals.

I ordered the mix vegetable soup. It was ok, nothing special here. But my tongue is already dying to try the mendy rice.

Then we ordered the triple platter appetiser. It consists of Hummus, Baba Ganoush and one more paste I cant remember. I have to say that I always hear about Baba Ganoush and this was the first time I tried this. It is really tasty, you dip it with their freshly baked bread which is so nice especially when you dip wit hummus or baba ganoush! I was already a happy man! I kinda took quite alot of bread as it is kinda addictive! No wonder Zohan's dad was dipping everything into the hummus!

Then came our main dish. I ordered the Mendy Lamb Rice. It is exactly like The Wan and Only described, the rice is so fluffy and aromatic! I tell you its so fluffy i can die!!!! the lamb is very very tender and the aroma is soooo soooo good! I finish my rice in a split second! Its alot but its just so addictive! You just dont want to stop!

The Wan ordered the Mendy Chicken rice. I tried curi the chicken from Wan and it is also cooked till its so tender! Just so easy to the jaw! By this time I was already reaching food orgasm! hahahahaha. Its really good!

Finally my dessert. This is nice sweet and creamy. Its like eating soggy cornflakes with sweetened milk. Interesting dessert!

I have to say it was a wholesome and fantastic meal! I actually went there again a few times after that with Little Miss Sumandak!

Price wise, its slightly pricier compared to some other arabic restaurant. The total for one person was around RM50. But trust me, its well worth it.

But location is abit hard to find if you are not familiar with Sri Petaling area. Parking is hard to find if you go during the day. But during the night its slightly better.

Service: 7/10 (service is ok not too friendly but attentive if restaurant is not packed)
Food Quality: 9/10 (i said what i have to say above)
Environment/ambience: 8/10 (comfortable and cooling as its quite airy with fans and aircond)
Price: 7/10 (kinda pricey compared to other Arabic Restaurant)

My verdict: Its a definite must try! Reading how fluffy it is wont justify how it feels in your mouth! Go GO GO!!!

43 & 45 Jalan Radin Anum
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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It was the MIHAS fair my colleague decided to take me to try some cheap and good food. He said this is the place where he always go after his Friday prayers. Well when this fella say its cheap and good I have to believe him!!

So he took me to this Medan Selera Duta. Where he said that they are famous for the Nasi Ayam Goreng where they use nasi kukus. It was this specific stall (Stall 19) that the fried chicken is nice. The queue was long and the place was packed with working people.

So i followed what he ordered. Nasi Kukus tambah Ayam Goreng... "Peha ye..". Extra chilli. Even if you eat there they will pack it. In it is the fried chicken, rice, vege and chilli sauce. I have to say even it is not like the chinese style where the rice is cooked with chicken stock but this one the mix of the rice and the chicken and the chilli sauce makes the meal a real blast. The chicken is fried dry, not the one where they dip in flour type but the normal marinated fried chicken. The meat is tender and succulent! The chilli is blend with slight garlic and vinegar... syok! Best of all its cheap. Its just RM3!

Then for drinks I ordered the limau ice which is only RM1 if i am not mistaken.

Then as I was eating I noticed alot of people also ordered this Mee Bandung. And the curious me decided to whack another dish. So I ordered the mee bandung. But I think I ordered from the wrong store coz when it came it wasnt like the ones i saw on the other table. But I just whack it anyway. It tasted alright, not the best mee bandung I tasted.... The price for the mee was RM4. Not that cheap...

Their business hours are mostly during lunch time. But be prepared as it is quite packed during lunch hour and parking can be quite difficult!

Service: 7/10 (fast but have to line up, Its a food court anyway, so cannot complain much!)
Food Quality: 6/10 (nothing much to be said)
Environment/ambience: 4/10 (warm and very pack with people)
Price: 8/10 (cheap for KL standard)

My verdict: Its okla. If only you are in the area then go. Not worth driving across town to eat this

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I love Indian food always had. Why? Coz of the sensation of the herbs and spices blasting in the mouth. So when ever I see a particular Indian restaurant my eyes sparkle up! This restaurant is located at PJ New Town or PJ State or Area 51.. oops I mean Section 52. Was driving pass it everytime I go to do my banking but was curious what they served. Its a vegetarian restaurant. So one fine day I decided to go in and try.

The ambiance was nice. Air conditioned and all. But going in I swore people was staring at me one kind. I guess I am big ahha. Anyway the waiter was very attentive. As we sat down the came and pass us the menu and ready to take our orders.

As I was scrolling through the menu there were many interesting names that till now I cant even remember how to spell it. I guess its some southern Indian i guess.

I ordered the plain naan. Well, nothing special about this but its nice, warm and fresh.

next is the the vegetarian chicken. Of course you cant compare with the real chicken but the flavour is just nice! and the vegetarian chicken does have a certain texture that makes you think its like chicken haha!

Honestly I cant remember what is this dish called. I know the waiter recommended it to me and its actually cream cheese cubes cooked in tomato, chilli and spices. Very interesting dish! the cheese and the gravy makes an interesting blend. Sweet, sour, salty and slightly spicy. Yum!

This is the devil's potato. Dont let the name scare you, its just spicy potato. Well the potato is done nicely and its not hard or too soft. The flavour is absorbed into the potato well. All this goes really well with the naan or thosai!

This is the tomato thosai... or is it naan. I cant remember, it was all introduced by the waiter. Sorry for the lack of information as this was taken few months back and was busy trying other food and .... yes i admit the lazy me didnt update it in this blog. Anyway this one is also another funny tasting dish. Its actually tasty. Its like thosai made with tomato ketchup! but its fresh tomato! nice!

What I can say is that this is indeed an interesting place to try. But one thing that might be a slight turnoff, it is the price. As much as I enjoyed the food but my plain naan cost RM5. Its quite costly but end of the day its a wholesome and good meal.

They open daily from 7am - 11pm

Location is opposite Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. Same row with Eon bank, HSBC and CIMB. But parking is a bitch during the weekdays as it is a commercial area. Other notable landmark is the tall PKNS Building and the famous white pencil shaped MPPJ Tower.

Service: 6/10 (slightly slow on the food serving but they serve everything at once, waiter doesnt really understand English or BM well)
Food Quality: 8/10
Environment/ambience: 8/10 (Air Conditioned, spacious and nice layout)
Price: 7/10 (slightly pricey)

My verdict: Worth a try as the dishes are different from normal mamak or banana leaf restaurant. Basically its in between Mamak food and Indian Fine Dining.

7, 52/2, Jalan Sultan, Petaling Jaya, 46200, Selangor
Ph: 603 7954 1755, 603 7954 2755

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So far I have not tasted any other Pork Noodle as tasty as this one. Its located at Brickfields at this food court called May Flower Food Court.

Its kinda tricky to get there tho. Its actually opposite Pos Malaysia along Jalan Tun Sambanthan. This shop was formerly at the New Lay Sin Restaurant Opposite Sri Kota Supermarket but now they have shifted to May Flower. I have to say its more comfortable now compared to the hot and packed New Lay Sin.

The highlight of any pork noodle is their soup and of course the juicy tender pork and I have to say this one tops it all. The soup is fantastic, the pork are nice and juicy. What I usually order is the large Bihun Mee without the spareparts (liver, intestine and stomach). You can have the option to add an egg into it as I always do. What they do is to crack an egg right after they cook! so you can slowly slurp your un broken half boiled egg with abit of the soup as a whole. Yum yum yum!

Usually when it is served I would ask them to give some "chu yau cha" which is deep fried lard. Crispy and a very very guilty add on!

They also serve the dry version (kon low). They still serve a good portion of minced pork and juicy pork in a separate bowl of soup and yes... you can still add the eggs! yum yum!

sorry pic is unclear, using my mobile phone's camera hehe.

The price of the noodle? RM 5 for the large and RM 4.50 for the normal (both is with eggs). Not bad! If you are in KL Bangsar or Brickfields area, then its a definite must try!

If you are interested, in the same food court they serve nice and cheap Banana Leaf rice too. Yumm yumm! Price for a normal set of vegetarian meal (rice, vege, parpadom, rassam and curry) cost only RM4. It used to be RM3.50 when they were at New Lay Sin but its still cheap. If you add chicken or fish it would only cost around RM7. So its an alternative if you dont want to indulge on the tasty pork noodles!

As I said earlier finding the place will be abit tricky. There is an open carpark (AsiaPark) next to the Food Court but the entrance is slightly in an awkward area. If you are coming from Bangsar area, be sure to keep right once you turn to Jln Tun Sambanthan. The entrance of the parking is directly opposite Pos Malaysia and its hidden right at the end of the first row of shoplots. So do be careful!

They open from morning till 2.30pm. So better be there before it runs out!!

Service: 7/10 (its fast, food comes within 5-10 minutes after ordering, but its a food court so cut it some slack la)
Food Quality: 9/10
Environment/ambience: 7/10 (clean and tidy... but typical food court style)
Price: 9/10

My verdict: craving for some good Pork Noodles? this is the place!

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