Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple Saturday Lunch at Dish Deli

Every Wednesday, we attended BNI meeting religiously from 6.45am until 8.45am. We are served with the delicious food prepared by Dish Deli. From bruschetta to the lovely taste of lasagna, we decided to try the food as it is during non-BNI day. So we chose, Saturday lunch. When we walked in, I felt awkward as the arrangement of the table is totally different. Duh! Of course it is. It's not a meeting venue anymore, silly! I still remember that there was a bridal shower lunch going on in the cafe. We thought it was closed for private function, but luckily it's not.

I ordered the Pink Guava for a drink as it was highly recommended by the owner. Without hesitation, we just proceed to order it and we find the drink is truly refreshing. Not too sweet and I did enjoyed the selection of drink that day. Unfortunately, when I wanted to order the 2nd glass, it was sold out. That showed how popular the Pink Guava is.

For me, I ordered the Roasted Lamb and meatloaf for him. While waiting for the food to arrive, few snapshots of the place are taken to show you how simple design could revive the whole ambiance into a relaxing and elegant feeling.

Let's start with the art painting that was given as a gift to the owner.

The arrangement of the tables and chairs. The lighting also simple with subtle designs.

That's the picture taken. If you are wondering, the 2 lovely ladies are the owners of Dish Deli

This place has a corner for your kids to max out while you enjoy your meal. Its different than other places as they have many quality books and toys.

For the ladies or gentlemen who wish to hang out and chill after meal, feel free to sit at the couch here for a relaxing chat with your friends.

Before you leave the cafe, do feel free to buy few take away frozen nutritious food. This is ideal for busy young professionals or young parents with tight daily schedule.All ingredients are freshly made and frozen using instant freeze. This is so that the nutrients of the food is kept and intact and not lost over time. With short period of time in heating the food, you still can enjoy fresh nutritious and really tasty food at your own comfort of your home. There have frozen food for children and also for adult. The best part is that they also have a packed version of their fabulous sauce! Love the sauce! yummy yum yumm!

Tick tock tick tock... With no long waiting time involved, our food are here!

This is my roasted lamb served with grilled carrots and potatoes. The lamb is succulent and it is indeed a great experience. Something that I haven't tasted it for quite a while. The meat is so tender and succulent and with the the gravy sauce, oh la la... SUPERB! It is something that you want to have over and over again. Unfortunately, roast meat only available during the weekends. Oh well, fair enough. I still could enjoy it on the weekends.

Price: RM31.90

He ordered meatloaf that also served with grilled carrots and mashed potatoes, that topped with tasty brown sauce. I "curi" a piece of it for a taste. The texture is very tender even if the meat is well cooked. The flavour has seeped in the meat properly. What can I say more? It's delicious. The mashed potatoes is very well mixed with butter as you can taste the milky salty taste when you grab a bite of it. Addictive I would say as I can't stop "curi"-ing his mashed potatoes too. He is not a carrot lover but now he finished all his carrots and was "curi-ing" mine!

Price: RM25.90

We ordered Bruschetta with mushroom just to satisfy my cravings! Though we had this almost every Wednesday after the meeting for breakfast, I still like to eat it even on non-BNI day. Buttery and creamy mushroom blasting in your mouth along with the nice crisp of the toast. Very well balanced flavour.

Price: forgot! Definitely less than RM15.00 Sorry.... :(

If you are looking for a great meal with a reasonable price, this is a great place to be. But please come early as this place tends to fill up really fast. There are many more dishes that we havent tried but I am sure we will be coming here even more often soon! Parking may be a problem but if you plan to park at the basement carpark then it wouldn't be a problem.

Overall Verdict:

Food : 9/10
Service : 10/10 (owner serve us wor...)
Price : 9/10 (affordable and reasonable)
Ambiance : 9/10 (comfortable)

Feel free to check out their Facebook page by click HERE.
Check out their website too by click HERE.

The address:
No 13A, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mon’t Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 0326
Fax: 03 6203 0427
Our opening hours: Tues - Fri 12 noon - 10 pm and Sat - Sun 10 am - 10 pm.

It is on the same road as Coffee Bean and next to 7eleven. So do look out for it.

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