Monday, September 19, 2011

Cong Yin Noodles, Ipoh Gardens

When I first about this noodles, I was kinda quizzed why is it called Chong Yin Fun. It literally translate as Scholar Noodles in Cantonese. But once I had it, I was amazed at how tasty it was. The minced pork with fish is particularly nice. The rest is of course the noodles, sliced pork, liver and some intestines. The soup is really tasty and its not too salty or stale. Its really flavoured well and has a nice sweetness to it. When it comes to pork noodles, the most important is the taste of the soup and this shop aces it!

The next is the freshly fried "sui kow". Usually the most important for a sui kow is the meat paste in it and with some prawns, pork and some black fungus and carrots. It is really good. The crispy skin compliments it awesomely.

The only draw back is that they cook one bowl at a time, so waiting can be quite a while. Usually I have to wait around 15-20 minutes. But we can order the sui kow first and enjoy that as it is usually ready to serve.

Make sure you get your order right before you go place your order as the lady will scold you.

But all in all its really good. A must try!

Overall Verdict:

Food : 9/10
Service : 5/10 (its ok only)
Price : 6/10 (slightly pricey for Ipoh standard)
Ambiance : 7/10 (comfortable with aircond coffee shop)

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