Monday, May 17, 2010

Paramount Garden Restaurant, PJ

Been at this place for more than 4 years already and I still love their one famous dish... heard of Loh Mee? the one with the dark brown starchy soup. I bet u did. Heard of Pan Mee? the one with flat flour noodle with anchovies (ikan bilis for you locals), black fungus, minced meat and vege? I bet u did too. But imagine u mix them both! GENIUS!!!...

loh mee

Ever since I came to this place and ate their signature dish.. which is the Loh Pan Mee fell in love with it. The portion is quite big too. What I love to do, which my friends always complains is I will pour the whole saucer of belacan and one soup spoon of vinegar into my noodle and mesh is all up! the mix of their nice peppery starchy soup with the aroma and spicyness of the belacan along with the sourness of the vinegar really gets your appetite going.

I never fail to finish up the whole bowl of noodle and of course the soup as well and the soup of my gf or mom or sis or aunt as well! wuahahaha.

took the plunge to tried loh yee mee (nice...)

Well this place they are dont only serve this dish, of course they have other dishes too. Their hot plate noodle or rice is nice too. My friend tried the chicken mushroom rice. Taste quite good also. I tried their Portuguese grill fish, sotong and sting ray too. That one the portion abit small and not so nice. But the sauce is appetising enough to warrant the OK sign.

If you want to go for the more calmer or as the chinese people say more "cheng" or clearer type you can try their pan mee or their fish paste noodle. The fish paste noodle is interesting as the soup is somehow deliciously done. Not as appetising as the loh mee soup but its very nice going with the fish cake, foo chok and fish balls. The pan mee, taste like pan mee... ahahahah. really.

pan mee

Well if you want to have a simple meal when you are bored of O&S or Chow Yang of Sea Park or Paramount Garden PJ. Try this then! the environment is comfortable but parking is a little hard to get! and bring lots of tissue or handkerchief if you are the sweaty type coz once you hentam the noodle and their soup! guarantee sweat even though there is a huge fan blowing you!

Price wise its about the standard KL price which is BIG = RM 5, Med = RM4.50 and Small = RM4.

It non halal so my fellow muslim friends... sorry.

Where is this place? its same parallel with KFC just further down towards Sec 14. The row opposite Mediviron Clinic. You will have to be careful as its cuts in a road on the left along the main road right before the traffic lights and right after 7eleven. For parking if you are lucky you can get one in front of the shop or you can park at the back at the housing area.

55 Jalan 21/12, 46300 Petaling Jaya

map here

Service: 8/10 - very friendly fellas and quick too. Food comes quite fast so its a good thing

Food Quality: 8/10 - good food but presentation wise okla. Coffee shop ma. What you expect!

Environment: 6/10 - although its windy comfortable but when during a hot day + hot soup! very hot!

Price: 7/10 - Quite pricey for PJ standard. But its still within the affordable range!