Saturday, October 31, 2009

Food Mania from the Middle East & Cheap Cheap Option

It was a fasting month that time and my guy just wanted to try out this place at Jalan Ampang. As I arrived there, the road was filled with a row of Middle Eastern food outlet, aka M.D Mamak, known to be expensive!

Well, I went for the ShiSha and not for the food. My guy ordered food anyway as I was tagged along. I wanna to see how good is the food. Sorry folks, my tongue is seasoned with Malaysian taste for ages. Oh Well, let's try the food anyway, DAMN It!

When I went it there, I saw this sign at the door! It's very disturbing! Looks who's being racist here! As other customers eating their food outside without air-con with mad-Expensive F'rking Food.Guess, next round I come here I should wear like a "ninja" and I might can go it. If you look carefully, you can see a curtain inside at each section. So that these families can dine in peace.

Oh well, The ShiSha!
That's the reason I came here, remember?
I have to say, the smoke is thick and the taste is good. BUT,it get harsh very fast and the service sucks! It took me very loooooong time to get the fella to change the charcoal for me. Damn it! I think I'll stick with the normal outlet I go always. Damn it!

Yupe! I'm enjoying it. But the happiness doesn't last long, babe!

Here we go, the food. As you can see here, my guy ordered the lamb minced meat with rice, which is prepared the Lebanese way. The taste very thick and the soup was properly stewed. The vegetables mixed into it and it's kinda watery when comes to gravy.

The taste: Excellent
Downside: Mad-Mahal! >RM12.00
What do I expect anyway. It's lamb!

This is the view where you can mixed with rice together with the lamb minced meat.

Where you go! The presentation of the served food before we ravished it like mad! We were hungry then.

Part #2
As you can here, after a heartbreak spending unworthy food at Jalan Ampang with the Mad-Expensive and racist environment restaurant crap, we decided to mend our broken wallet and heart to the PJ Old Town cheapest Mix Food you can find!

Junsern brought me there as he's been eating there for the cheap mix food since his school days!
Mad Mad Mad! I also kena the cheap-skate syndrome.

Here you go:
Vegetables-large portion
1 bull-eye egg
1 Fried Chicken Drumsticks (it's f*rking delicious than KFC! Mind you!)
1 Meat Spring Rolls
with reduced rice portion, as initially they are going to FLOOD the plate with it.

Total Price: RM3.00 only

Well, I took this blardy picture when he almost ravished it clean. Ah, bad timing! Silly me...
1 Fried Chicken Drumsticks
Ham Choy with meat, in a generous amount. The portion almost Flood the whole plate
Full portion of rice.

Total Price: RM2.70 only

Well, lesson learn. Next time it's better to check out the price before leap in to eat it!

Till next time,
Shereen Dulau
signing off