Tuesday, November 9, 2010


One Fine morning my colleague ask me whether I wanted to go for Cheap and good breakfast. Was hesitating at first but decided what the heck lets go. So I followed him. He said this place is cheap and the food is good.

It is this small stall off Jalan Genting Klang. Its located near the famous Prawn Mee. It is actually opposite the Galleria Building at Jalan Genting Klang.

When reached the placed was packed with people. It is just a small stall along the road. Its rather comfy tho as there are trees and maybe its the morning breeze. So it is not stuffy. We got a table instantly and my colleague told me to go take the food. So I followed him. There I saw many many small packs of food packed with newspaper. Each section the paper was labeled with different initials, one is NL, BH, Petai, Sotong etc... so I ask them what was it so NL was normal Nasi Lemak, BH is fried Bi hun and the Petai, Sotong etc was Nasi Lauk. Basically Nasi lauk is just rice and the dishes labeled. But there is a surprise, the rice is infact also nasi lemak just missing the eggs and sambal.

Since its a rather small pack my colleague advise me to take two. Well, what the heck i thought. I took two. One was normal Nasi Lemak as shown in the pic below...

And the other was Nasi Petai ikan bilis.
I have to say the food is actually really really good. The rice was cooked properly and its not too dry nor too wet and the aroma and taste was very balanced. You can basically feel each grain of rice. The sambal is not too spicy and not sweet, its just nice. The petai is glorious. Even though the portion was small but it was enough to satisfy my curious taste buds.

Then at the end I just wash everything down with a nice cup of kopi kurang manis.

At the end guess how much I paid for my meal? A thrifty RM 2.30 (if I remember correctly la...). Overall I get a filled belly and still heavy wallet! haha. This place only serves breakfast. Do not know what time the close tho.

Service: 7/10 (self service, and the drink guy takes too long to come and count)
Food Quality: 8/10 (good for the price we pay!)
Environment/ambience: 5/10 (road side stall, will be extremely warm if no wind)
Price: 9/10 (cant get this price in downtown KL anymore)

My verdict: Try if you are nearby! there are so many other nasi choices that I have yet to try...

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