Sunday, February 13, 2011

Geláre Ice Cream with waffles and pancakes w/ Advertlets

Have a sweet tooth? or just craving for some really good ice creams? and best of all on top of your favourite waffles? Imagine the warm crunchy waffles topped with flavourful ice creams! yummmmo! Thinking about it makes me drool all over again! But hey! I did manage to try it! At Geláre in e-Curve! or formerly known as Cineleisure.

Basically their main attraction are their Ice Cream and to top it off is to share with a nice warm waffles. I was wondering what Geláre meant and to find out that it actually means "to freeze" or "congeal" in Italiano! mi scusi, mi scusi! in Italian I mean. All this good food brings out the Italian in me!

Their ice creams are a marriage between Italian and American. yea like Micheal Corleone! Capisce? They took the Italian ice cream and mixing it with American style Ice Cream which is creamier.

I manage to try out several dishes when I went there.

First was of course their waffles and their Ice Creams! This I tried the Pistachio and Strawberry. Their Pistachios ice cream was a wonderful treat! blasting with a balanced pistachio aroma and with chunky pistachio in it. The strawberry ice cream was not overly sweet.

Next was Chocolate Overload, yes Chocolate Overload and Mocha Chip ice cream and waffle. The chocolate overload is a must try for chocolate lovers!

I have to say the waffles itself is a treat! Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Yummmo!

If you are a waffle person then you will surely want to try out their pancakes!

This is pancakes with strawberries and cream. The texture of the pancakes are done well. Nice, fluffy and hot! It might be abit sweet for some but to most, it will definitely put a smile on your face!

This is another one I tried, banana pancake

And of course the normal but equally satisfying pancakes with syrup and cream.

Besides all this they also serve other varieties of food such as sandwiches, muffins and cakes.

You can even visit them at

It is located at the ground floor at e-Curve (formerly CineLeisure) next to Tony Romas.

Service: 8/10 (good but since its new, i shall give it some time to improve)
Food Quality: 9/10 (very good ice creams and very good waffles)
Environment/ambience: 9/10 (love the mural and the colour concept)
Price: 8/10 (reasonable for such quality food - RM 30++ for ice cream with waffles)

My verdict: a good place to treat yourself with some really nice ice cream and fantastic waffles!

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